12" Anti-Microbial Soft Crimped Flat Sweeping Broom (AMB849)

12" Anti-Microbial Flat Sweeping Soft Broom with Resin-Set DRS and an anti-microbial additive built into ALL item.

Removing flour and other fine particles, for using in the high vital areas such as hospitals, laboratories, food processing areas, veterinary practices, pharmaceutical companies etc.


Brand: Hill Brush
Item Weight: 0.65 kg (1.4 lb)
Quantity Per Box: 4
Stock Dimensions: 305 mm x 75 mm x 25.4 mm (11.8" x 3") recessed
Material (Composition): Polypropylene with Anti-Microbial Additive
Filling Material: 133mm x 0.30mm (5¼" x 0.012") Crimped Anti-Mibrobial Polyester
Trim Length: 57 mm
Heat tolerance: Min. usage temperature: -10°C
Heat tolerance: Max. usage temperature: 120°C
FDA compliant raw material (CFR21): Yes
Min.- Max pH-value in Usage Conc: Clean the product of lime residues with a cleaning solution, which has a pH between 7.0-12.2
Glass & Fork – EU Regulation No 10/2011: Yes
Regulation (EU) No 10/2011: Yes
Autoclaving: Max autoclave temperature: 134°c/275°F for 15 minute intervals. Product can be cleaned in an industrial dishwasher at 82°c/180°F.