5" Anti-Microbial Stiff Nail Brush (AMNA4)

Unique Anti-Microbial fingernail brush Resin-Set with an anti-microbial additive built into ALL plastic guards effectively against infections (inhibits the growth of a broad range of molds and bacteria on the surface of the item themselves.

ideal tool for thoroughly cleaning/scrubbing your fingernails, hands, and arms without scratching or damaging skin prior to performing a procedure. Applicable for use in hospitals (operation & examination rooms), dentists, laboratories, food processing areas, veterinary practices, pharmaceutical companies etc.


Brand: Hill Brush
Item Weight: 0.08kg
Quantity Per Box: 12
Stock Dimensions: 120 mm x 44 mm (4.7" x 1.7") Nail Brush
Material (Composition): Polypropylene & Polyester with Anti-Microbial Additive
Filling Material: 48mm x 0.46mm Antimicrobial Polyester
Food Contact: Yes, no limitation
Trim Length: 17 mm
Heat tolerance: Min. usage temperature: -10°C
Heat tolerance: Max. usage temperature: 120°C
FDA compliant raw material (CFR21): Yes
Min.- Max pH-value in Usage Conc: Clean the product of lime residues with a cleaning solution, which has a pH between 7.0-12.2
Glass & Fork – EU Regulation No 10/2011: Yes
Regulation (EU) No 10/2011: Yes
Autoclaving: Max autoclave temperature: 134°c/275°F for 15 minute intervals. Product can be cleaned in an industrial dishwasher at 82°c/180°F.