5S Shadow Boards for Sanitation and Production Tools

Atesco Industrial Hygiene has been leading the way in implementing shadow boards
as an integral part of continuous improvement, 5S and Lean Management
initiatives throughout the Food Supply Chain.

Highly Visible

1. Increase awareness of hygiene.
2. Segregate your utensils
3. Improve work efficiency.
4. Extend the lifetime of the work tools.
5. Reinforce color coding policies.

5S Custom-made Shadow Boards - General Information

What is the 5S System?

The 5 System (program) is a lean production tool that results in a clean, safe workplace, and well organized to help reduce waste and enhance productivity.

A "Shadow Board" or "Store-Board" is a tool organizer. The silhouettes of your tools are color printed on a Plastic or Aluminum panel. 
The boards can be mount directly on the wall as a "static tool station" or a mobile tool station" mounted on stainless steel frame on wheels.

The Shadow Boards ensures that cleaning tools are well stored in a highly visible way as a part of 5S System (designation of fixed location).
Your employees will work in a more organized way not wasting time for searching for a tool, or thinking where to place them on the board.
The Shadow Boards are also your marketing tools. They show your visitors/auditors that your workplace is well organized. 

5 steps to Implement your shadow boards

1. Choose the items.
Choose the items you want to store on your shadow boards.  We offer a comprehensive range of Color-Coded sanitation and production tools as well as Stainless Steel utensils. Some of the tools such as tube brushes, brooms & squeegees required appropriate types of handles for the specific application. Sort all the tools you want to store on each of your shadow boards and send us a list with those article numbers.

2. Receive your quote.

 Within 24 hours you will receive the first pdf draft of your shadow board/s and the quote (without shipping costs) based on all the tools mentioned on your list. The hanging system (hooks, holders) will be also included in the quote.

3. Place an order.

 Once the order is placed and the payment received, we can start working on your shadow board details. You may choose colors, pictures, graphics, and text. Those are fully up to your imagination, but obviously, you can rely on our guidance if needed. We required high resolution or vector files.

4. Approve design for the production.

 After everything is set up according to your requirements, we will send you the last file of ALL you shadow boards for your final approval. Once approved, we can start production. This usually takes 3-5 days.

5. Delivery.
Depends on Shadow boards types (on wall or mobile) we require 1 or 2 days for packaging and dispatching.

Call or chat with us if you need more information: 604-496-2004


We offer different types of shadow boards 

Direct on Wall

Wall types: flat wall - concrete, wood 

On Fences

All types fences, storage racks and frames

On Standoffs

Wall types: all types

The shadow board mounted on a frame and hung on the wall

Wall types: drywall, insulation wall

Mobile Shadow Boards

Static Shadow Boards can be mounted on walls, frames or racks and Mobile Shadow Boards are mounted on Stainless Steel frames on wheels. 

Direct to wall (direct mount).
Mounted on a frames, fences or warehouse rack.
or Stainless Steel mobile Shadow Boards on FDA approved wheels.

The material for Shadow Boards

Aluminum Composite panel ("Sandwich panel")

• A panel, in which two flat aluminum sheets are bonded to a plastic core.

• Very strong and rigid.

• Ideal for mobile Shadow Boards, or mounted on frames.

• Anti-scratch laminated for extra protection.

Sintra PVC foam

• A lightweight and rigid board made of expanded 
closed-cell PVC.

• Available in different thicknesses .

• Direct digital printing.

• Anti-scratch laminated for extra protection.

The Color of your Shadow Board

Take in mind what you would like to have displayed on the board, and we will do it for you. All you need to do it is: provide your choice of color for your board (background), and a color for the silhouette (shadow) of your tools.

The hanging system

Plastic hooks and holders on Aluminum rail.
Plastic hooks and holders mounted directly on a board.
Stainless Steel Single, Double hooks, and Pail-hangers to mount directly on the board.

Your heading and other text.

Think about your Shadow Board's title(s) (E.g. "Sanitation Tools", "Wet Cleaning", "Food Contact Only",...) or additional text and company logo - that is ALL we offer to your for FREE! Below a few examples:

The name of your cleaning station.
The name of your tools and articles codes for easy reordering.
Additional instructions.


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