About Atesco Industrial Hygiene

ATESCO Industrial Hygiene Ltd. - 24h online store with industrial cleaning, mixing and handling equipment for the Food & Pharmaceutical Industry.

Worldwide Food safety concerns have risen dramatically over the last decade due to the severe consequences of foodborne diseases. We at Atesco encourage our customers to understand some of the hazards along the food chain - giving us the possibility to apply effective procedures, standards, regulations or programs, which will help eliminate/avoid foodborne diseases. Safe food will only be guaranteed when all actions in the whole food chain are covered, i.e. “from stable to table” or simply speaking “Biosecurity.” 

The crucial importance of “Biosecurity” is a good cleaning and following sanitation procedures. This requires an appropriate equipment. ATESCO Industrial Hygiene Ltd. supplies high-quality hygiene equipment such as Color Coded Manual Cleaning Equipment (incl. UST and Resin Set Brushware, Antimicrobial cleaning equipment), Detectable Products (office stationery, mixing & handling, First Aid bandages), Processing Knives and Baskets, Safety Knives (detectable & standard), Protective boots (Bekina),Cleaning Systems (Stainless Steel Hose Reels, Mobile Foam Generators, Lances, Accessories), Stainless Steel mixing and handling equipment (shovels, scoops, scrapers, etc.) and Disinfecting Foot Mats (applicable for both wet and dry environments).