5S Shadow Boards for
Sanitation and Production Tools

Atesco Industrial Hygiene has been leading the way in implementing shadow boards as an integral part of continuous improvement, 5S and Lean Management initiatives throughout the Food Supply Chain.

Highly Visible Shadow Boards

Increase awareness of hygiene
Segregate your utensils
Improve work efficiency.
Extend the lifetime of the work tools.
Reinforce color-coding policies.

5S Custom-made Shadow Boards General Information

What is the 5S System?

The 5 System (program) is a lean production tool that results in a clean, safe workplace, and well organized to help reduce waste and enhance productivity.

A "Shadow Board" or "Store-Board" is a tool organizer. The silhouettes of your tools are color printed on a Plastic or Aluminum panel. The boards can be mount directly on the wall as a "static tool station" or a mobile tool station" mounted on stainless steel frame on wheels.

The Shadow Boards ensures that cleaning tools are well stored in a highly visible way as a part of 5S System (designation of fixed location). Your employees will work in a more organized way not wasting time for searching for a tool, or thinking where to place them on the board.

The Shadow Boards are also your marketing tools. They show your visitors/auditors that your workplace is well organized.


Choose the items

Choose the items you want to store on your shadow boards.  We offer a comprehensive range of Color-Coded sanitation and production tools as well as Stainless Steel utensils. Some of the tools such as tube brushes, brooms & squeegees required appropriate types of handles for the specific application. Sort all the tools you want to store on each of your shadow boards and send us a list with those article numbers.

Receive your quote

Within 24 hours you will receive the first pdf draft of your shadow board/s and the quote (without shipping costs) based on all the tools mentioned on your list. The hanging system (hooks, holders) will be also included in the quote.

Place an order

Once the order is placed and the payment received, we can start working on your shadow board details. You may choose colors, pictures, graphics, and text. Those are fully up to your imagination, but obviously, you can rely on our guidance if needed. We required high resolution or vector files

Approve design for the production

After everything is set up according to your requirements, we will send you the last file of ALL you shadow boards for your final approval. Once approved, we can start production. This usually takes 3-5 days.


Depends on Shadow boards types (on wall or mobile) we require 1 or 2 days for packaging and dispatching.
Call or chat with us if you need more information: 604-496-2004


We offer different types of shadow boards 


Wall types:
flat wall - concrete, wood


All types fences, storage
racks and frames


Wall types: all types


Wall types: drywall, insulation wall


All types fences, storage
racks and frames

The Color of your
Shadow Board

Take in mind what you would like to have displayed on the board, and we will do it for you. All you need to do it is: provide your choice of color for your board (background), and a color for the silhouette (shadow) of your tools.

the hanging system

Plastic hooks and holders on Aluminum rail.
Stainless Steel Hooks
STAINLESS STEEL custom made tool holders for jugs, scoops, paddles


Think about your Shadow Board's title(s) (E.g. "Sanitation Tools", "Wet Cleaning", "Food Contact Only",...) or additional text and
company logo - that is ALL we offer to you for FREE! Below a few examples:


Shadow boards delivery

Title of this product
Title of this product
Title of this product
Title of this product
Title of this product
Title of this product


  • Are the tools included?

    You need to specify at the time of inquiry whether you wish us to include tools on your quote. We recommend purchasing our shadow boards with tools for better visual presentation as the tools will match up and makes a better visual presentation.

  • Are hangers provided with the shadow board?

    Yes, your quote will include all necessary hooks & hanging brackets for your tools (the fasteners are not included). However, you can use your own hanging system if you want to.

  • Are the shadow boards supplied with fasteners?

    The Mobile Shadow Boards are delivered "ready to use" (hooks and hangers are mounted to the mobile shadow boards).
    Other ("static") shadow board types are delivered without wall and hooks fasteners. Those are available on customer request.

  • Do you charge for artwork?

    No, we will quote prices initially, and on acceptance of pricing, we will generate the artwork.

  • Do I have to pay extra for a logo?

    No – there are no additional costs for printing your logo or other graphics or text on your shadow boards.

  • What is the lead time on shadow boards?

    From receiving your inquiry, we aim to provide you with a no-obligation quotation and the first mockup design of your shadow board within 24 hours.
    After receiving your purchase order/ payment (subject to account status), our design team will work closely with you on the details of your shadow board/s provide full visual proofs, so you can see exactly what your shadow board looks like. At the latest design stage, we will send you pdf for your final approval. Once you have signed off the proofs, your order is moved to production. The production usually takes 3-7 days before your order will be shipped to your destination. Let us know if you have an urgent deadline so we can discuss the production plan with you.

  • How long do shadow boards last?

    application and environment, but we have many customers with shadow boards still in perfect condition after over 7 years! Our durable shadow boards are made of composite aluminum panels, all covered with a heat-sealed anti-scratch lamination film (extend the lifetime and removing the risk of peeling off).

  • What colors do shadow boards come in?

    As standard, we offer 12 colors to much of our tools. However, we welcome all your color inspiration. Why not using your corporate brand colors design patterns and the fonts? And that is ALL without extra charge!

  • Can I have my color scheme?

    Yes, and that is a very good idea! The shadow boards are powerful organizing and marketing tools and why not utilize this using your corporate color scheme, including management initiatives (5S,…) and objectives? For inspiration, view our shadow board gallery here.

  • Do you install shadow boards?

    Each facility has its requirements for fixing Shadow Boards to walls and in working areas. We, therefore, recommend your in-house maintenance team installs shadow boards.

  • How do I mount my shadow boards to the wall?

    Generally speaking, the installation of the shadow boards depends on the type of surface you are attaching the boards to (drywall, concrete, insulation wall,…) – you can view the options here.

  • I like the shadow boards, but I don't have space, what do you advise?

    board/s (one- or two-sided) is/are mounted on stainless steel mobile frame, allowing you to locate anywhere you need.

  • Do All the shadow boards have to be fixed to the wall?

    There are different options for mounting shadow boards:

    - Mounted directly on the concrete wall, fences, storage racks.

    - Mounted on stands-off: drywall, insulation wall, mounting shadow boards above the wirings or small pipes,

    - Mounted on a stainless-steel frame and hanged on 2 hooks on the wall: a perfect solution for mounting it on an insulation wall or drywall. This type of shadow board is easy for taking it out from the wall for cleaning purposes or re-location.

    - Static shadow boards – shadow board is mounted on a frame and the frame is mounted to the floor, racks, machinery, etc.- Mobile shadow boards

    – shadow boards are mounted on mobile stainless-steel carts.

  • Are your shadow boards suitable for outdoor use?

    Yes –Atesco shadow boards are made of durable material suitable for external use. Additionally, our shadow boards are hot laminated and more suited to outdoor applications.