Keeping Warm in the Workplace: The Right Boots for a Canadian Winter

When we think of Winter boots, we often picture the classic heavy, wool-lined, lace-up style boots from our childhood. You know, the ones that took Herculean effort to lift out of the snow with each step trudging up a seemingly endless hill, toboggan trailing behind. Technology has grown, and so has the demand for more functional cold-weather footwear, particularly in the workplace. If you’re looking to buy Winter boots online in Canada, here is what to look for.

Waterproof and Washable

There is nothing chillier and more disheartening than sliding your foot into a wet boot. One of the pitfalls of your standard Winter boot is its susceptibility to moisture. The snow may have been fluffy and dry while you were trudging through it, but the snow melts. Sometimes there isn’t a strong enough boot dryer in the world to get those boot liners dry before they’re needed again. Choosing a waterproof boot is essential to keeping the moisture out, and the heat in. Luckily, technology has given us materials like polyurethane. This specially constructed plastic is not only waterproof but washable. If your Canadian workplace is not just cold but wet and mucky, perhaps in a fish processing facility, this material is perfect for your Winter boots. Some polyurethane boots are formulated to be thermally insulating. This means they’ll keep your feet warm and dry while you work, and then allow for thorough washing at the end of the day, drying quickly for future use. While you’re browsing to buy Winter boots online in Canada, be sure to keep polyurethane in mind.

Avoid Foot Fatigue

One of the most common downsides to regular heavy Winter footwear is how fatiguing it can be. If you’re a landscaper or a tour guide, you know how much time you spend on your feet no matter the weather. Luckily, there are new materials and designs available that help battle fatigue by remaining lightweight in their construction yet still durable and insulated. Some types of polyurethane boots are formulated with millions of tiny air bubbles within the material thereby providing insulation without adding unnecessary weight. While other synthetic materials are also lightweight, and perhaps share some of the same waterproof properties, they are not always insulating and require an assortment of liners. Liners, unfortunately, can be heavy and are easily soaked if water enters the top of the boot. Another thing to consider when looking for lightweight footwear is its ergonomic structure. Although lightweight footwear is great for countering fatigue, it is not always the most supportive. If you’re looking to buy winter boots online in Canada, search for boots that provide ergonomic support while offering flexibility and protection.

Fit and Function

The greatest consideration when shopping for boots is the fit. To benefit from the thermal properties, the ergonomic design, the waterproof material, and all the other functional aspects of the boot, they must fit properly. When planning boot size, consider what you will be wearing inside of the boot. Keep in mind the thickness of the sock and any other specialty sole inserts you will be using in your boots.

Canadian Winters can be beautiful but unforgiving. Whether you’re working outdoors or in a cold factory, when you decide to buy Winter boots online in Canada keep in mind that the proper footwear can turn a perilous Winter into a productive one. Keep your eye out for lightweight, waterproof, insulating materials with an ergonomic design so you can work comfortably this Winter.