Shadow Boards

Atesco Industrial Hygiene has been leading the way in the production of Shadow Boards as an integral part of continuous improvement, 5S, and Lean Management initiatives throughout the Food Supply Chain. Find out more about our Shadow Boards and how they can help your business, below.

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Now look organized & be organized

We carry a wide range of cleaning equipment, production tools, and signage that is customized and personalized for your business
  • Materials


    Our Shadow Board are made of Aluminum Composite Panel Two flat aluminum sheets are bonded to a plastic core. Very strong and rigid. Ideal for mobile Shadow Boards, or mounted on frames. Anti-scratch laminated for extra protection.

  • Colors


    You can fully customise all of your board elemements. All you need to do it is provide your choice of colors. Choose your board background color and the color for the silhouettes of your tools.

  • Item Hanging Systems

    Item Hanging Systems

    We have 2 different options for Item Hanging. We have plastic hooks and holders, mounted on an aluminum rail, or mounted directly to the board. Or we also have stainless steel hooks, with additional pail hangers that are mounted directly to the board. You can check out our board gallery to see examples of each.

  • Hanging or Mobile Board

    Hanging or Mobile Board

    We have a selection of ways to mount your board. Static Shadow Boards can be mounted on walls, frames or racks and Mobile Shadow Boards are mounted on Stainless Steel frames on wheels.

  • Your Branding

    Your Branding

    We can add any Branding or additional Titles to your board, completely free of charge. This could be your company logo, a title explaining the use of the utensils, or even the room or location they are stored in. See our Shadow Board Gallery for examples.

  • Direct to Wall

    Direct to Wall

    Suitable for flat walls; concrete, wood

  • Standoff Mount

    Standoff Mount

    Suitable for all types of walls with appropriate fixing

  • Frame Mount

    Frame Mount

    Suitable for drywall, insulation wall

  • Magnetic shadow boards

    Magnetic shadow boards

    Attach to all magnetic surfaces, such as insulation walls of coolers or freezers

  • Mobile Board

    Mobile Board

    Suitable for a board that needs to be moved frequently.

Right Tool, Right Place.

Complete Organisation in 5 Easy Steps

  • Customise
    Your Board

    Specify your requirements: tools, equipment, background & tool-shadows color, text and graphics.

  • Receive your

    Within 24 hours, you will receive the first pdf draft of your shadow board/s and the quote.

  • Time To Place
    your order

    To proceed with the order, confirm the acceptance of the quotation and/or you indicate the necessary changes.

  • Approve Your
    Final Design

    After everything is set up according to your requirements, all artworks will be sent for your final approval.

  • Delivery

    Once printed, carefully packed boards will be despatched and delivered.

Got questions about our products and services,
then check out our FAQ’s.

Can I have my color scheme?

Yes, and that is a very good idea! The shadow boards are powerful organizing and marketing tools, so why not utilize this using your companies color scheme? For inspiration, view our shadow board gallery below.

Do you install shadow boards?

Each facility has it’s own requirements for fixing Shadow Boards to walls and in working areas. We therefore recommend your in-house maintenance team installs your shadow boards.

How do I mount my shadow boards to the wall?

Generally speaking, the installation of the shadow boards depends on the type of surface you are attaching the boards to (drywall, concrete, insulation wall etc.) We have a comprehensive list of attachment options above, in the “Hanging or Mobile Board” section.

I like the shadow boards, but I don't have space, what do you advise?

Our Mobile Boards (one- or two-sided) are mounted on a stainless steel mobile frame, allowing you to locate anywhere you need.

Are your shadow boards suitable for outdoor use?

Yes! Atesco shadow boards are made of durable material suitable for external use. Additionally, our shadow boards are hot laminated, making them suited to outdoor applications.

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