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We are proud to announce the launch of a unique service of Permanent, Food Safe Laser Marking. This offers our customers the possibility of permanent identification of equipment made of various types of plastics and metals. This revolutionary form of labelling brings, among others, such benefits as increasing the identity of the equipment, facilitating its segregation, and thus enhancingg traceability and improving the work organization.

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Improve Your Organization

Permanent laser marking is an irreversible change in the color of the surface layer of the tool material. The laser beam changes the molecular structure of the product surface and creates a contrasting “impression”. Nothing is added to or removed from the treated tool material, thus eliminating potential microbial patches. Laser mark such as text, serial numbers, or your company logo on one or many tools gives a clear visual message to the user. See the applications for our Permanent Laser Marking below.
  • Toll Numbering / Company Name / Logo

    Toll Numbering / Company Name / Logo

  • Tool Identifier

    Tool Identifier

  • Prevent Tools Sharing

    Prevent Tools Sharing

  • User Name / Serial Number / Other Identification

    User Name / Serial Number / Other Identification

  • Working Area & Department

    Working Area & Department

How can permanent laser marking help my business?

The advantages of Permanent Laser Marking are very broad, allowing a much greater scope for using creativity to meet compliance requirements. Read from our dropdown menu to see a full list of advantages.
5S System

By marking each tool, we can assign it to the appropriate shadow table, thus ensuring that the equipment returns to the correct shadow board after use. Only this immediately improves control of the used equipment in each department


Demonstrating the appropriate segregation of tools and equipment, such as the separation of allergens, types of production, or different risk areas. Although Atesco currently offers the widest range of colors available (12 in total), in many cases there is still a problem with maintaining full color segregation due to the complexity of their processes. Permanent marking gives the additional possibility of distinguishing the equipment with words, for example the names of allergens - soybean, lactose, egg, etc. Or if the language is an additional problem in teasing and maintaining segregation procedures, we can mark the tools with symbols.


Better control of mobile equipment such as cleaning tools, pens or knives. Thanks to the marking of equipment with a unique serial number, it can be easily entered and withdrawn from use.

Stainless steel

Marking of stainless-steel utensils such as scoops, shovels and paddles. Stainless steel equipment is extremely difficult to identify and trace, so permanent laser marking is the best solution.


Identification of shoes (Eziprotekta) and Bekina boots, with marking names of users, numbers, areas of the shoes allows for easy distribution by users

Equipment tracking

Finally, deterrence and on-site tracking of equipment theft. Permanent labeling of equipment can reduce the costs associated with its replacement. Permanent marking of this equipment with the company name and / or logo increases the company's value in the eyes of employees and also reduces the likelihood of theft

Got questions about our products and services,
then check out our FAQ’s.

How is the permanent laser marking created?

Thanks to the latest laser technology, marking is created thanks to an irreversible change in the molecular structure of the surface of the marked material without leaving physical scars or burns.

Could the marking be removed?

No - the marking process is irreversible, and the marking cannot be deleted after completion.

Is permanent marking the same as engraving?

The engraving physically removes the material from the surface, while permanent marking does not remove the material, but changes its color significantly. In this way, without creating additional pitfalls for potential microbiological contamination, the hygiene of the treated surface is not compromised.

What colors does indelible marking create?

The colors created by laser marking depend on the type of material and the article's base color. The color range for laser labeling fields from dark gray to white/silver.

What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum order quantity for permanent laser marking.

What is the maximum size for marking?

An area of up to 11x11cm (4.3" x 4.3") can be marked at a time.

Can I send my tools for marking to Atesco?

Due to the complicated technological process, we do not offer this service for equipment purchased elsewhere. However, if you have a specific request, please contact our sales department to discuss the marking possibility.

How much does it cost for permanent laser marking?

The cost of permanent laser marking depends on the marking dimensions (max 4.5" x 4.5" - 11cm x 11cm) and the number of tools to be marked. However, we offer a significant volume cost reduction, which our sales team will calculate.

What is the order lead time?

The time for the completion of the order depends on the quantity of marking equipment. Standard orders are processed within 3-5 business days.

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