Magnetic Wall-Mounted Shadow Boards

Hang your equipment quickly and easily with the help of strong magnets.

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Shadow Boards

This technology uses super strong compressed magnets that securely attach the shadow boards to any metallic surfaces. No more drilling, screwing or using any type of glue or adhesive. It’s a simple setup to attach process and you are done!

Application Method: Mount on insulated walls surfaces such as coolers and freezer walls.

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  • Strong Magnets

    Strong Magnets

    These powerful neodymium disc magnets are coated with White, soft, anti-slip silicone rubber, allowing you to mount your shadow boards on all metallic walls (freezers, coolers, doors) and appliances (ovens, machines, cabinets).

  • Easy to apply

    Easy to apply

    No help or heavy-duty assistance is required. The mounting process is fast and easy that can be done in a few minutes.

  • No Drilling Required

    No Drilling Required

    No more drilling and making holes on any walls or appliances like industrial refrigerators and freezers that can cause cold air to escape and the appliance to eventually malfunction and break down.

  • Excellent for Use on Metallic Walls & Major Appliances

    Excellent for Use on Metallic Walls & Major Appliances

    The magnets work safely and securely and stick on all types of metallic surfaces

  • Easily Removable

    Easily Removable

    You can easily remove it from the back to clean and wipe down and reset it again in a breeze

  • Able to Withstand Weight

    Able to Withstand Weight

    Sturdy and strong magnets with a high-friction silicone rubber coating are excellent when mounting objects to a metallic wall (i.e., cooler, freezer) and holding up shadow boards with the tools.

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