Knife Baskets

ATESCO Knife Baskets offers the ultimate solution for safe storage, easy carrying and transporting, washing and sterilizing all kinds of knives, sharpening steels and mesh gloves.
To meet your specific needs, we offer the three Knife Baskets models (STANDARD and ULTIMATE) which are different from each other by:
1 - the shape of the basket,
2 - a way of closing the basket,
3 - and the capacity to store the knives

The main characteristic of all baskets:
- Made of durable and corrosion proof Stainless Steel 304 grade.
- Additionally, they are electropolished for eliminating sharp edges and ensuring hygienic construction. 
- Wired, Stainless Steel Construction for easy washing and visual control
- Design lid allows to safely close and lock the knives in the baskets by using the Stainless Steel padlock 
- The ergonomically designed handle of the Baskets helps safely and easy carrying and hanging.
- Integrated plate makes possible for engraving and better on-site control
- Knife Baskets are designed for washing and sterilizing (with the knives)
- Easy changeable Plastic Blade Protectors

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