Detectable Retractable Pen with Pocket Clip and Lanyard Attachment 25/pack (DTR-BB-PC)

This very durable and easy Metal and X-Ray Detectable retractable pens are equipped with pocket clip and lanyard attachment. The standard superior Blue ink cartridge with Tungsten Carbide ball allows writing for minimum 9,000 meters or 25,527 Feet !! 
What makes these pens so special?

  • Maximum detectability- Metal & X-Ray 
  • Positive retraction mechanism- cartridge will not jump out when you are writing!
  • Highly visible ink indicators- Dominant top button and large window identify ink cartridge color.
  • Strong Pocket Clip- Designed as virtually unbreakable. No need to specify a model without a clip.
  • Large Laynard loop- developed for a real lanyard.
  • UNIQUE cartridge suspension- no need for a metal spring.
  • Smooth finish- easy to clean.
  • Countered for thumb and finger- ergonomic.
  • Safe under duress- molded from shatter-resistant polymer to avoid splintering if crushed.
  • LONG Writing time - superior quality European ink cartridge with Tungsten Carbide ball for smooth, consistent ink flow. A minimum of 9 km or 5.6 Mile of writing length
    Housing Color