Detectable Safety Knife SECUNORM PROFI 40 MDP (M11900771)

Detectable Safety Knife SECUNORM PROFI 40 MDP (M11900771)

Just like the other PROFIs, the SECUNORM PROFI40 MDP is a professional cutting tool. Particularly when it comes to cutting open all different types of sacks. Some cutting tasks demand a decent blade length. The 40 mm blade extension of the robust SECUNORM PROFI40 MDP therefore makes it an excellent choice. It is also paint-free and metal detectable, ideal for industries wanting to avoid foreign objects entering and disrupting their production processes.

- Metal detectable
- Paint free
- Robust handle (Aluminum)
- Very large cutting depth (36mm or 1.4")
- Tool-less blade change

Dimensions: 5.63" L x 0.67" W x 1.22" H
Weight: 2.977 oz

Replacement Blades: Styropor Stainless steel Blades # M17940 

Replacement Blade Profi40

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