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Power-Cut Safety Cutter (M2101)

The German Martor's Power-Cut is a safety "brute force" cutter. A safety spring provides for automatic blade "shoot-back" into the handle.
Designed for cutting thick materials such as cardboard up to 3-ply, rubber & PVC sheets, kraft paper layers, etc.

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The Powercut safety knife is a semi-automatic retractable spring-loaded knife special developed for cutting heavy-duty industrial materials. This safety knife comes with a 0.63mm blade (0.90mm blade also available) installed and a blade locking mechanism.

- Ergonomically design.
- Friendly ambidextrous slider mechanism.
- Durable, aluminum body
- Blade change in seconds.

The three golden rules for using Spring Loaded Safety Knives:

1 – Expose the blade by pushing the slider
2 – Push the blade to the cutting material
3 - Release the slider (thumbs off)